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Southeast Asia no longer is regarded as only a technical rock climbing destination. Its tropical mountains offer an experience found nowhere else in the world. While the view from top of many of the world’s mountains is genuinely awe inspiring, few can rival the uncanny sense of harmony from atop a Southeast Asian peak. Perhaps the feeling can be attributed to the many jungle canopies that line the mountain trails or the sight of giant hornbills taking flight. And, it’s all about variety. For example, Thailand and Malaysia alone have more than 30 mountains that exceed 6,900 feet. Join GoTrek trekking guides for your next adventure!



  • 2016 Trek Dates

    October 1-31, 2016


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Culture & Sightseeing

Southeast Asia is made up of over 20,000 islands and covers a gigantic area within the tropics where active volcanoes, dense rainforests and large mountains reside. With this comes amazing opportunities for climbing and trekking in an unmatched cultural experience.

Experience Requirements

Advanced mountaineering experience is not required for this invigorating provocative experience.

Equipment List

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